• Catalytic Consulting

    In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction by reducing the amount of energy required to initiate the reaction. The catalyst enters the equation, accelerates the process, and slips away as if it had never been.

    That’s what I do for architects who want to expand, refine, or redirect—in short, to enrich—what they’re doing.

    More specifically, I help folks with:

    —Communications strategy, with an emphasis on crafting the story of the individual or the firm. (I’ve contributed to the success of over two dozen AIA Fellowship nominations, an AIA California Council Lifetime Achievement Award, an ASID Design Innovation Award, an AIA National Thomas Jefferson Award, and an AIA National Firm Award.)

    —Network development: finding and making the connections that help individuals and firms further their goals.

    —Advancing talent: coaching mid-career professionals to become recognized for their emerging expertise.

    Get in touch: tim@culvahouse.net.